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Boundary Bay, a limited series for cable television, and LNG, a full-length stageplay, are linked through their creation as part of Testify: Indigenous, a project of the Canadian based Indigenous Laws + the Arts Collective. Through Testify, the initial draft of the pilot was presented as a stage reading in Vancouver B.C. (October 2016) and Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, B.C. (November 2016).  LNG was adapted for stage from the pilot. It enjoyed a first draft workshop at University of California, San Diego, organized by professor Julie Burelle and her indigenous theatre classes, March 2017.

//  Boundary Bay & LNG focus on the battle over a refinery built on Native American territory in the Pacific Northwest, pitting a corporation, a Chief, and his family members against one another. The works explore Indigenous and non-Indigenous people affected on all sides of the issue. These two stories are inspired by the ongoing controversy my tribe—the Squamish Nation in Vancouver, B.C.—has been dealing with for several years. A proposed liquefied natural gas facility is currently in the midst of construction review and potential approval.

Boundary Bay & LNG delve within the relationships surrounding the issues rather than focusing on the politic. The works explore racism and missing and murdered Aboriginal women on both sides of the border. Setting LNG in Canada and Boundary Bay in U.S. is strategic; the body of work challenges the notion of an arbitrary border forced upon people who lived freely up and down the coast for over ten thousand years before colonization. // 

Boundary Bay script reading presentations with Testify Indigenous at Upper Law Society of Canada, Toronto; Vancouver Island University, Namaimo; and Loungeworks Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

Boundary Bay script reading presentations with Testify Indigenous at Upper Law Society of Canada, Toronto; Vancouver Island University, Namaimo; and Loungeworks Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.

further development — 

The joint projects BOUNDARY BAY | LNG will receive further workshopping, rewriting, and development within the following events and artist residencies:

  • Testify Presentation: York University (Toronto) and University of Windsor — October 12-17, 2017
    • A directed stage reading presentation will be performed with community and student actors, more information about specific venues forthcoming. Interested actors should email


  • Artist residency, Bilpin Intl Ground for Creative initiatives (BigCi); Bilpin, Australia
    • A residency to focus on Boundary Bay; further episode planning, creation of a full treatment, television bible and episode guide. Subsequent workshop performance with community actors will be held at BigCi in the Blue Mountains, Australia on December 17, 2017. More information forthcoming.


  • Artist residency, Sointula Art Shed; Sointula, B.C., Canada
    • Focused more on LNG the play, Sointula offers potential connections with local theatre and touch points with local indigenous community to help research, workshop, creatively explore, and nail down the play's final draft. Details to follow.


  • Artist residency, RUD; Bengtsfors, Sweden
    • The final revisions for the works from the BigCi & Sointula residencies and feedback. The play and television series will be finalized for theatrical & television producer submissions.
  • Staged reading presentations for Vancouver and Los Angeles TBD
  • Testify Presentation: Santa Fe Art Institute — August 2018


      Funding information is available on the Fractured Atlas page at



      University of California, San Diego — March 21, 2017 (play)
      Vancouver Island University, Nanaimo, B.C., with Testify — November 26, 2016 (pilot)
      Loungeworks, Vancouver, B.C, with Testify — October 15, 2016 (pilot)